Farming Gods Way

In 2013 Burkina Faso welcomed David Purdy and his team (Farming Gods Way) This was a training course that farmers from all around Burkina Faso came too. The agricultural minister came along to session as well. It was a successful visit and many new farming techniques where torte over the two days. There was also time to share the gospel message and give testimony

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The Grain Mill

This is a recently new project, It is a Project to help the women of the local village. While many women traditionally grind their millet and other grains using two stones, mills are the new, most sought after, time-conserving, community-based appliance all women love. So much so, that they will often walk five kilometers with huge basins of grains on their heads to the nearest village with one, to wait in line for hours for that machine that turns kilos of whole grains into flour in just minutes.


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This is a list of partners of Fulani Ministries. Please contact us if you like to join and make partnership with Fulani Ministries. As a charity we like swapping ideas, supporting and promoting other causes

11            ELIM Missions – www.

Movement for African National               Initiatives:


a_LogoV2Global Connection Partnership Network 




Puppet Power Grimsby images-6Church 






Evangelical Alliance –  



Compassion – 449093871_640


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The Person of peace

When the Church planter are being trained the get torte to look for the  5 characteristics in the person of peace

Chosen by God
Thirsty for the Word of God
They welcome you
They are not yet a believer
They Open doors to his family — Unless you find that person you may miss the whole process of making disciples in that village

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Tailoring School

The tailoring school was set up with the help of Tumbridgewell Baptist church in 2010. This has given local people the opportunity to do a qualification and become a tailor. This has been very successful project with many people benefit from this.


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Youth clubWe are delighted that now if you wanted the opportunity to make a difInside multi purpose buildingference to someone life you can. The recent partnership with compassion has enabled children from the village to get sponsored. If you want interested in sponsor a child at Jam Tann, please contact Compassion International quoting the code BF 670 FULANI MINISTRIES. We have 200 children who are registered all need sponsors! We have observed in other cases in Burkina that Compassion sponsorship makes a big difference to the lives of children and their communities, in their spiritual growth, their performance at school and their personal confidence. In addition, it seems that most children who attend a Compassion centre receive Christ as a result of the teaching they receive there


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The Broadcast Ministry

IMG_2167We have a wonderful opportunity to make a series of 52 recordings for TV of Discovery Bible Studies in Fulfulde. This is a recording of a group Bible study (see attached picture). This series is being sponsored by IBRA radio. We will be doing an intensive recording of 15 messages. It is now on Satellite Canal+ channel 117


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