School in the Jam Tann Centre (2015) the school has 70 places that are all taken. We would like to expand the school and offer more people in the village an education. This is a new project as the demand was there and we are trying our hardest to meet it. the school has one paid teacher who teaches 70 children.

The primary school at Jam Tan has recently finished for the school year. All the students passed to the next level! We have appreciated the work of the teacher, who comes from the village. He has not been trained as a teacher, so we are planning to sponsor his teacher training this coming academic year.

We thank God for the provision of lunch for the schoolchildren and funds for the teacher’s salary through a gift from Tonbridge Baptist Church. Please pray for God to provide for a school building. We have been teaching in the large multi-purpose hall for two years now, but next school, year we will need three or more purpose built classrooms.


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