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Every month log on and see the latest praise and pray. This is biggest possible support you could give us. We really think Pray should come first before anything. 

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We praise God that the 4X4 car is fixed! The car was a generous gift from first fruits foundation. We have, however, been struggling with fixing the car for two years, it gets fixed and then something else goes wrong.. Recently after several new parts were replaced, the car worked well except that for an unknown reason the car could not go faster than 40mph. The other evening Boureima opened the bonnet, and felt that God drew his attention to an air pipe. Following the air pipe down, he discovered that it was stopped with a bung. He drove to a friends house who has the same car, and discovered where the air pipe should be connected to. When it was properly connected the car could now drive at normal speed. This is only a small part of the whole car story. We praise God for this and many other interventions. A sincere thank you for standing with us in prayer all this time, and thank you also to those who have given financially and who have bought car parts for us. We have replaced many parts, only just last week several parts were replaced including the cylinder head gasket. We hope now that Boureima can start travelling to visit church planters on the field.

We praise God that the recordings of Discovery Bible stories for TV went well- 16, 30 minute recordings were made, we still have 36 more to record to make up 52 programmes.

The recent football training turned out to be a training for those interested in outreach through sports. The young people in our church received a very good training in teaching children and youth sports skills and Christian teaching.

The primary school at Jam Tan has recently finished for the school year. All the students passed to the next level! We have appreciated the work of the teacher, who comes from the village. He has not been trained as a teacher, so we are planning to sponsor his teacher training this coming academic year.
We thank God for the provision of lunch for the schoolchildren and funds for the teacher’s salary through a gift from Tonbridge Baptist Church.
Please pray for God to provide for a school building. We have been teaching in the large multi-purpose hall for two years now, but next school, year we will need three or more purpose built classrooms.

Finally a call to action- as you know Fulani Ministries is in official partnership with Compassion International for the children work at centre at Jam Tan. The 200 children who are registered all need sponsors! We have observed in other cases in Burkina that Compassion sponsorship makes a big difference to the lives of children and their communities, in their spiritual growth, their performance at school and their personal confidence. In addition, it seems that most children who attend a Compassion centre receive Christ as a result of the teaching they receive there. If you or your church or church group are interested in sponsoring a child at Jam Tan through Compassion, please contact Compassion International quoting the reference: CDE BF670 JAM TAN.

We thank you for your prayers and partnership in making disciples among the Fulani people.


Thank you very much for your prayers. Boureima and Susanna Diallo

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